Our Recovery Supports

We are willing to support those in recovery in any way we can. Below is a list of some of the things we offer at Pir2Peer:

  • Recovery coaching;
  • Coordinating of counseling, MaineCare, financial and other resources;
  • Furnishing space at the center for all types of recovery-based meetings;
  • Providing safe and private space for one-on-one meetings, including meetings with parole or probation officers, attorney.
  • Facilitating mentor/mentee networking;
  • Identifying job skills & assisting in resume creation and interview preparation;
  • Assisting with GED readiness, college and other educational training;
  • Furnishing a safe place to socialize;
  • Offering opportunities for volunteerism, including community service obligations;
  • Accommodating drop-in access, both online and at the Recovery Center;
  • Distributing Naltrexone free of charge;
  • Supporting those who are affected by loved ones in recovery or not yet in recovery, or no longer with us; and
  • Training school for those who want to become recovery coaches.

Other Things We Offer:
  • Along with our partner Chelse Cram, head chef at River Drivers, we offer free hot and above-average meals to anyone who needs them. Check out our web page for more information, including dates, about this program.
  • Free winter coats for adults and children. They are new or nearly new. We also have a room full of socks and underwear still in the packages, hats, other clothing items, and a few games and puzzles; and
  • We have a small, but growing, pantry with things like flour, sugar, cereal, fresh potatoes, and juice, as well as many other food items. The items we have change frequently, so check with us soon!