What Is a "Recovery Community"?

Recovery comes from hope, and hope is one of our specialties.

Pir2Peer exists for all those in the recovery community. You might be wondering about that statement, and that's what this page is about.

Let's start with defining what the word "community" actually means.

Community is defined many ways, but the definition we are going to look at is this one: "A unified body of individuals who have a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."

When we first realized this, we were stunned. As long-term members of the recovery community, we thought that our community was made up of others in recovery. But that wasn't really right. It turns out that our community — the recovery community — is made up of those in both short-term and long-term recovery, those contemplating recovery, and those who are affected by someone in recovery or on the path to recovery.

All too often, family members and friends are overlooked and forgotten in all the chaos that accompanies the lives of those in the throes of addiction. As our loved ones begin to recover and stabilize, many family members and friends find themselves in their own recovery!

We recognize and welcome all of the recovery community, and by that, we mean all of those in recovery, their families, friends, and allies. Whatever your path or goal to recovery, we are here to support you, without judgement.

Come join us!