Life in a Time of the Virus

We all know that isolation is frequently a factor in relapse. So it stands to reason that we need to guard against our own isolation.

Pir2Peer is a still a safe place where you can come when that feeling of being all alone creeps up on you. Or when you need recovery coaching. Or a meeting. Or resources. Or when you just want to hang out!

If you are on a computer or have a smartphone, you can use your browser to click of the top link. That will get you into the "room" with video capabilities. You can hear and see us, and we can hear and see you.

If you want to dial in using your mobile phone, use the last two to dial in. The phone will ask you for the access code, and that's the number on the last blue line.
Using this dial-in method is voice only and is good if you don't have a solid connection.

To log into the video chat at Pir2Peer, follow these directions:

  • If you want to use your cell phone, the number is (786) 535-3211.
  • If you are asked for an access code, it is 879-188-037.

Once you get into the "room," your microphone will be muted and your camera will be off. Click on the circle with the icon of a microphone to unmute. Then click on the circle with the icon of a camera to allow others to see you!

At least one of us will be monitoring the chat room all day. If we are not at our computers, we are nearby. Say "Hello." You might have to wait a minute or two, but be patient.

And as always, you can call us at
723-1327 (Ginger Collins) or 447-8028 (Michelle Anderson)

We look forward to talking to you.