Our blog welcomes you

Welcome to the Pir2Peer Recovery Community Center blog.

Since this is our first blog entry, I suppose I should spend some time discussing our goals for the blog, and maybe give you an idea as to what you're likely to find here.

The goals are simple enough. The blog is a place where a wide variety of topics related to alcohol and drug addiction and recovery can be discussed informally. Announcements might also be posted here but, for the most part, you can expect the blog to cover a wider variety of topics. This will include several topics not specific to Pir2Peer, as well as issues that may be peripherally related to addiction and recovery.

You can expect to find articles on various recovery programs, probably including some that are not currently available through Pir2Peer, and we might even profile new or successful
regional programs from around Maine, the country, and elsewhere. As you know, Pir2Peer does not endorse any particular recovery program over others that may be available, and that policy will carry over to the blog. This doesn't mean, of course, that there isn't one recovery program that's best for you.

Book reviews might also be posted here, as there are books covering every aspect of recovery.

We will also welcome guest submissions from our readers, particularly those associated with Pir2Peer. These may include anything related to alcoholism, addiction, and recovery, including recovery success stories or your experiences in recovery, as well as tips, suggestions, or recommendations.

Meanwhile, if you are reading this because you are addicted, whether it be to alcohol or other substances, and you would like help, please contact Pir2Peer if you are in the Katahdin region, or your local recovery center. Like cancer, substance abuse disorders get worse over time and, while it is true that some people will not seek help until they have reached rock bottom, waiting until you reach that point isn't recommended.

The Pir2Peer Recovery Community Center's telephone number is 207.447-9500, and its physical address is 1009 Central Street, Millinocket, Maine. 04462. Individual contacts for the Pir2Peer administrative staff can be found on the Center's Contact page.