Why are adolescents at high risk for substance use disorders?

Why are adolescents at high risk for substance use disorders?

According to research, adolescents from homes where substance use disorder is prevalent are at higher risk of substance abuse due to the resulting poor self image. Additionally, these adolescents are affected by dysfunctional family systems, as they are a product of their environment, as well as conditioning patterns.

Due to the fact that they get used to continuing patterns and poor parenting techniques, and poor connections in early childhood, these children are particularly at risk.

They may suffer from relationship issues, boundary problems, a lack of trust, and generational substance use. As children, they often find unhealthy ways to cope with psychological problems, including substance abuse.

Additionally, sexual abuse, and trauma reactions, such as fight or flight, become normal, and the symptoms are sometimes self-managed through substance abuse. Self-management techniques may include cutting and self-mutilation.

Trauma, guilt, shame, social learning, and unhealthy habits, in addition to peer pressure play a role in the development of self-destructive activities. Typically, these adolescents are at risk for self-medication in order to cope with feelings related to a range of contributing factors. Impulsive behavior, anger, poor future-orientation, and confusion about perceptions related to feelings are common contributing factors, as are depression and anxiety.

As you can see, there are many contributing factors to adolescent substance abuse issues.

-- Suzanne Correiro