SMART Recovery Coming to Pir2Peer

A new recovery program will be coming to Pir2Peer Recovery Center soon. SMART Recovery is a science-based addiction recovery program where participants learn self-empowering techniques designed to aid in recovery.

Although SMART Recovery and Pir2Peer are autonomous, with Pir2Peer simply offering meeting space, the program promises to be a good fit.

Among the operating principles of Pir2Peer is that recovery is complex, and that there is no one way in which to bring it about. Recovery is the goal, not the path that one chooses to take in order to reach that goal.

Participants in the S
MART Recovery program are in charge of their own recovery, deciding what recovery should look like and which methods or resources to use in order to reach their goals. While the SMART Recovery program includes several tools that can be used, the program encourages people to consider all options, including 12-step programs, peer support groups, medication-assisted treatments, or a range of therapies or treatment programs.

There is no single solution that will fit every person or situation. SMART Recovery takes pride in those who have achieved sobriety through its programs, online or throughout the world, but the SMART Recovery program won't work for everyone. Many people have found sobriety through Alcoholic Anonymous or other 12-step programs, and SMART is not in competition with any of these other alternatives. With sobriety as the destination, the path doesn't matter.

SMART Recovery is simply another path. It is one that has worked for a lot of people, and it will soon be available at the Pir2Peer Recovery Center.

The SMART in SMART Recovery is an acronym that stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, which reflects the program's focus on helping participants make positive life changes.

The SMART Program is designed to show us how to deal with the thinking that gets us into trouble, to see problems before they happen, improve the way in which we communicate with others, and to resolve addictive behaviors.

The SMART Program is not all about alcohol or drugs, since the same tools and resources can be used to help with other addictive behaviors, as well. SMART teaches a series of tools that can be used to change the way we think and feel, to help us identify our priorities, and to develop a plan to achieve our goals.

For most of us, the real goal goes beyond sobriety to living a balanced life.